Prefs > Define default sorting order (+ Bug Report!!)

I’d like to be chef of MY projects. Therefore I feel hindered by the program which always forces a sorting order upon me which is “by Kind”.

Even if I make new folders, this DevonThink way of sorting has presedence.

Even worse: when I double click on a folder and create new folders inside, the “Unsorted” is never possible even if I selecte it! Is it just me or a bug??

I’m using the 3pane view (6th choice).



have you tried setting the sorting order? in the german version, it is the “Darstellung - Sortieren” menu (“View”, is it?). Anyway, you can set it to unsorted. And be the boss again.


That’s what I’m doing – I choose Unsorted but I cannot sort it my way manually when in the 6th (3pane) view !

Maak, can you reproduce this situation ? I’m running the english version 1.21 of DevonThinkPro on Tiger 10.48. I try to manually sort folders. This works in the 4th (2pane) view but not in the last view :astonished:

Thanks, Martin

Hi, Martin. I’m using DT Pro 1.3beta3.

When I’m working on a project that has subgroups, e.g. an article with subgroups for sections, I’ll open that project in its own view window. I can manually order the subgroups in either the Vertical Split or Horizontal Split view. To do that, all I have to do is to select the Name column in the left, and choose View > Sort > Unsorted. One can then drag groups into any desired order.

When I’m writing or editing my preferred view is Vertical Split, because it provides the maximum vertical size for the text pane.

Suppose I wish to switch to the 3-panes view. Notice there’s no Names column header, and the subgroups are displayed in alphabetical order, as in the Finder.

While in the 3-panes view I can click on any group and sort its contents using any sort order available in View > Sort. In that upper area of 3-panes I can add a column so that, e.g., I can see and sort by the number of words in each document, using View > Columns > Word Count. But if in Vertical Split I had set the order of documents within a subgroup as Unsorted, that order will be remembered on reverting to Vertical Split.

Now I can switch back to the Vertical Split view. It ‘remembered’ the manual sort order chosen for the sections (subgroups) of the project.

So I’m really in control of my project.

Actually, I more commonly use another approach to a multi-component project. I create a new Project group. At the top level, I create a new rich text “TOC” document. I rough out an outline of the topics and subtopics to be covered. For each topic, I create a new group in the Project group and link to it from the TOC document. Within each of those groups I create and name a rich text document and link to it from the corresponding ‘outline’ element in the TOC. This is especially useful if I’m going to ‘publish’ the project as a Web site, with full navigational links. When finished I select all of content inside the Project group and select File > Export > as Website. Presto! I can post the files on the Web or on a DVD or CD.

As my TOC document is my ‘controller’ for order, and I can change the order of outline elements in the TOC independently of the order of groups and documents (once links have been established), I use this approach quite often. Of course, this works as well in the Three-Panes view as in any other view.

As still another embellishment, I can add the State attribute to my Project group. The subgroups inside it inherit the State attribute. When I finish a subsection (i.e., a subgroup) I check the State as finished. The Project group won’t be ‘finished’ until all the subgroups are finished.

That can be handy when I’ve got multiple projects going on. At a glance, I can tell which projects are not complete, and which sub-elements inside the project group haven’t been completed. Remember that one can search for items that have an unchecked State – another handy feature.

This view supports “Unsorted” only in the upper right pane, the left pane (showing the group list) is always sorted by kind.

And that’s méga bad. There’s no reason that i can think of that this has to be so. This is méga limiting. In the other view it works – therefore it should work also in the 6th view. It smells like a bug. :wink:

Being able to sort “manually” (not alphabetically, not by kind) is the key to good management. Otherwise i can stay in Finder - hehe.

My opinion.

PS: Thanks Bill_DeVille for talking about your work flow - it’s very informative and interesting !