Preparing for Pro

After watching the progress of DT for some years I have now bought and embraced it and DA. I am more than happy with them both and next week I get my new G5 20 iMac.

I’m maxing the RAM and keeping its suite of applications to the daily basics, which will include DT Pro, which appears to be close to release.

My existing iMac 17 will be gradually stripped of data files which will be transferred across to DT Pro.

Having read most of the forum entries, I am still not quite sure which way to go in terms of the options available: linking, copying to database folder, or copying files into database?

Should I fine-tune individual DT Pro databases, or use one? I’m not too worried about the size of the database. I will back up to external firewire drives.

So, I guess my final request is to the old hands who, if they were starting over with the Pro version, and with the benefit of hindsight and real work examples, could share their optimum approach.


congratulations to your new iMac.

I am most content with putting all files into the Database file folder.

For a while I worked with multiple databases, which is better in terms of speed and security (if one database is corrupt, all the others are not) – but security with DT is excellent anyway.

Since you cannot open more than one database at once, my experience with building several databases is not good. If you encounter some information about anthropology e.g., you are just in this moment working in the database for computer graphics – Murphy’s law. You cannot close the computer database and open the anthropology database and close this again and return to the computer database just to realize that you wanted to store a new idea in your “my-new-house”-database. It doesn’t work.

So I recommend one database, even in DT Pro. Mine has almost 3GB, it is still OK.

Enjoy your new equipment!

I also recommend the import files into database folder.

I too have one database that is ~ 2GB in size (and growing). I will likely move to multiple databases in the future once DTPro has the ability to simultaneously open multiple DBs.

I agree with Maria’s suggestion regarding sorting information by database (if you have “A” open and you want to put something into “B” or “C”, it can get cumbersome.

Alternatively, you can set up synchronized folders and toss sorted information into specific folders with which DTPro will synchronize upon launch.

Are you guys including the database folder in your size approximation or just the *.database files?

I include them, without my database has about 1 GB in size.


Thanks Maria. Still makes my ~200MB db look puny. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input re multiple databases. I can see exactly what you describe happening to me.

I guess one way to use multiple databases is to hive off completed projects/defunct clients, etc into an archive database to help cut down on the ultimate size of your main database.

What’s nice is you can export whatever you like from one database and import it to another without destroying the original content until you’re satisfied with the results.

When I evaluated DEVONthink one thing that appealed to me over some of the competition was it didn’t feel like my data was being held hostage even though the main database has a proprietary format. If there were ever reason to migrate to another product (god forbid) it’s easy to export everything that matters most, even if certain metadata like comments and labels were lost. The combination of DT’s power with convenient exporting, plus lossless importing back into DT, made it the winner.

I sure like that. Is there anywhere I can read up on what’s coming with pro other than what’s in the comparison chart? Or better still can I join the final beta push?

And, thanks all for your feedback, it is most welcome and appreciated.