'prepend enclosing list marker' <- what is this?

Hi, when I make a list on a ‘rtf’ document (within DT) I see this option called ‘prepend enclosing list marker’ (image below). I play with it and I can’t figure out what this option is for.

Prepend means: ‘add to the beginning of something else’, so I am guessing that this option adds “the enclosing list marker”(?) to the beginning of… what? And what is an “enclosing list marker”?

Thank you in advance for your insights

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Did you try it out?

yah… and I haven’t figured out what it is yet

From my understanding it works like this…
If you have a list marker of A, B, C, … the sublists should also receive that marker preceding their own marker, e.g.,…

A. Fruits
   A. 1. Banana
   A. 2. Orange
   A. 3. Kiwi
B. Vegetables
   B. 1. Carrot
   B. 2. Celery

However, I think it may be broken in the text engine as it doesn’t work in TextEdit either.

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Thank you! Your answer settles it

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