Presale DTPro Workflow Question(s)

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So sorry if you’ve been asked these questions a million times! - I’ve done some searching and still confused about DTPro.

I currently own a SnapScan iX500, on a Mac with iCloud, and a Google Drive Account. I also have a licence for Hazel and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

I’m keen to file all my searchable PDFs. My understanding however is that DT does not advise a remote database of files. (i.e. Indexed to Google or iCloud)

If I’m to store my files locally what benefits would I get from DT? It seems that I would lose my HD space, so I’m interested to know how others mange their setups.

Currently when I scan a doc on the scanner it gets sent to Google Drive in a folder, searchable. Previously I had it send to Evernote, again searchable. However I find both of these slow and a bit clumsy when searching.

The type of doc are the usual bank statements and household documents; so I’d be really interested on thoughts - my main blocker is having everything stored locally, which puts me off. Do point me to any resources that I probably have missed.

Thx for reading this.

That’s possible but DEVONthink will download files automatically whenever it needs the contents (e.g. for previewing or indexing). In addition, local copies increase not only the performance but also don’t depend on the speed & availability of your network & cloud services.

To clarify and DEVONthink gurus can confirm, DEVONtechnologies advises to NOT put the databases on synced folders, local or on the remote servers.

Indexing (pointing to) files on sync services is different. Will work, but works best if you set the local sync folders as “offline” (or whatever nomenclature used by the service).

Please read the “DEVONthink Manual” to discern difference between IMPORTED files vs. INDEXED files. Using INDEXED files requires some specific knowledge of the extra complexity involved.

And remember if you are synching files, unless those files are ONLINE, you have copies local and you aren’t saving disk space. If ONLINE and indexed you will probably be disappointed with sometimes finding the files are not available.

Finally, do you really need DEVONthink? Are you unable to find the documents you have in Google Drive with their search capabilities and/or your Spotlight available via Finder locally? If you want speed, yes, DEVONthink might be faster. But you seem to be be adding complexity by looking to be INDEXING vs. being “put off” by stored locally.

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