Preserve formatting of links when converting RTF to PDF, Word, or other format


I’m using DT3 (3.0.3), I have created an RTF document that contains links to websites. They are formatted in underlined blue text. I need to convert that file to a PDF, but when I do so within DT, the links are still there—I can tell when I hover the cursor over the linked text—but the blue underlined formatting has disappeared. This seems to be the case whether I open the file in DT, Preview, or, PDF Expert. I have attached the PDF that was created within DT3.

Is there a way to convert an RTF that retains the formatting? (Also, if it makes a difference, I am still running Mojave.)



end the community college stigma.pdf (121.6 KB)

This is unfortunately a limitation of the PDF generation by macOS, e.g. printing rich text documents to PDF in TextEdit or DEVONthink has the same issues. One workaround is to convert the file first to a formatted note and then to PDF.


But it’s actually just the default handling of macOS, the next release will support this.