Prettier, Shorter Links?

I love and appreciate the item links/URL function in DEVONThink, but compared to other apps I use they’re just so ugly! A very long string of numbers and letters that’s sometimes longer than the text I put them next to.

In Craft, for instance, in-app links are like converted URLs, with a word in blue indicating it’s a link.

Just wondering, Is there any way to do this in DT?

That’s the internal unique ID (UUID) of the item and required. How do you use item links usually?

Yes, I understand the UUID is “required” just like the content of URL links is required for them to work. But apparently, some smart people have figured out how to make the links work while not displaying the actual link text. That’s done in apps like Craft, Obsidian, etc.

Type text, select, right-click > Add Link

My note format is formatted Note (html)
Pasting note links shows the note title, with the URL in the underlying code

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Thank you!