Prevent Wikilinks from linking TAGs

Hi Everyone,
Can we prevent DEVONthink to create links for TAGs when wikilinks is active?
Names and Aliases links are very useful, but I don’t want the TAGs to be also linked.
Thank you for your help

You can exclude any item (e.g. tags) from Wiki linking via the Info inspector or popover.

Hi Cgrunenberg,
Thank you a lot for your answer.

Is it the normal info panel (ctrl+1)?
If yes, in the bottom, there are “Exclude from …” with 5 possibilities.
The “tagging” one is greyed out.
Note : Even when I check exclude from “wikilinks” in info panel, nothing happen :frowning:

Note: I suggest excluding groups from WikiLink detection unless you specifically need this function. You can change this in the Preferences > WikiLinks.

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That seems strange. To clarify, if you go to the top level of your database, and select “Tags”, then open the generic info inspector, Wiki linking should be something that you can exclude. Here is a screen shot from one of my databases in DEVONthink 3.8:

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Thank you BLUEFROG :pray:
Thank you Mhucka :pray:
Everything is cristal clear now :blush:

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You’re welcome. Glad to help :slight_smile: