Preventing an Twitter feed from adding tags automatically

Hi -

I have a Twitter feed related to my job that I use DevonThink 3 to archive. I added it using the “New Twitter feed” menu item; the url is ‘feed://[public work account]’

I’d like to prevent it from adding tags to my system though. Devon is smart enough to extract the hashtags our social media person uses and turn them into proper tags, but I’d rather prevent this from happening. The public tags used don’t really need to be in my Devon database.

Oddly, the “Exclude From” section of the info pane has tagging dimmed, so I can’t disable this behavior that way.

Is there some global way to prevent this? A different way to set up the capture?



There is no option to disable tagging via hashtags on a case-by-case basis. You can disable it globally in Preferences > Import > Tags > Convert Hashtags to Tags.

It’s already disabled, I think.

That’s what you’re referring to, right?

Look under the RSS tab.

Bingo! Thanks so much. My eye skipped right over that.


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