"Preview" in clipper (and new version!)

Just wanted to thank the team again, just as I was being amazed by the incredibly useful ‘Preview’ button in the web clipper I realised I had not noticed when it appeared. And then a new update dropped!

The ‘Preview’ function is ridiculously useful and will save me lots of grief with content less keen to be captured in future. Thanks for this!

(dashes off to extensive new release notes)


I was also really glad this was added, but I might be doing something wrong.

In my case, it shows previews that look completely different than any clippings.

It seems to strip JavaScript and other plugins and not actually show how the clip will look afterwards. For instance, I still get the cookie notice popups in clipped content, even if the Preview shows a cleaner version. So I don’t understand to point of the preview because it is always different than the final clipping. Maybe I need to change a setting somewhere?

It would be helpful to have a URL as well as what settings you’re using for clipping.

Since I never get the Preview to be similar to the end result, any link works, like this NY Times one.

I use PDF Paginated whenever possible. Clutter-Free is disabled by default.

The preview looks like this (very different formatting compared to the original page):

And the clipped end-result like this (close to the original page):

However, the preview displays images when scrolling down, but the end-result excludes any images. Therefore, in this area it’s the opposite to the above rule, i.e., the preview is closer to the original (includes images) and the end-result is further away (no images).


When using clutter-free, the preview and end-result is closer together.

Yes, the clipper preview is super useful. Will save me a lot of time.
Thanks a lot!

Upps, I missed this, totally. And this was one of my items on the wishlist. Thanks. Hope it will be helpful.

Do you know if this is expected behavior that it looks different? Or should I open a bug feedback thread? Thank you.

The preview feature ”does the best it can” but @aedwards would have a more authoritative answer.

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This is not a bug. The preview is a best estimate of how the final pdf will look, however paginated pdfs are not created on the fly so it uses a clutter free rendering.

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Thank you.

It seems that the preview is only close to the end result for me if HTML or Webarchive is used.

PDF Paginated, PDF One Page and Markdown all look the same, i.e. very different to the clipped end result (unless clutter-free is selected).

The markdown will be very similar to the end result, and PDFs will be as close as possible within the constraints of the preview

This is great, but why doesn’t it work for “Formatted Note”?

Preview is currently not supported for formatted notes

So it might be in the future?

Given that the preview for PDFs is drastically different to the end result (looks like browsing websites without JavaScript or CSS styles), I would love if this could be improved in the future.

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