Preview of x-devonthink-item links

Internal links are great. They would be even greater with a preview of linked item (Title, maybe more) when hovering the link.

At least in rich text documents that’s possible via the contextual menu.

Thx, I tried and I don’t see the name of the linked doc in the contextual menu.

If the selection contains at least one link or attachment, then there should be a “Quick Look Attachment(s)” item in the contextual menu. But this doesn’t display the name, it previews the linked item or attachments.

Actually the destination name & location should be shown in the navigation bar but isn’t due to a bug. Version 3.0.1 will fix this.

Bumping to say that I share this feature request. A use case:

My research materials are stored in a separate database from my project files—i.e. the text files that I work on. I use the same research materials (images, PDFs) across multiple projects. I can’t replicate the materials to each project (because they’re in different databases) but I can copy item URLs, giving me easy access to the materials that I need for each project without duplicating them.

It works fine but would be better if DEVONthink gave a live preview of item URLs for records in open databases. I.e. so the stored item URL of a PDF showed that PDF in the preview pane, without having to launch the URL in a new window.

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