Preview pane zoom controls

Greetings -

It would be very helpful to have a Zoom+ and Zoom- on the edit bar in the preview window. Currently you have to right click and select for each step. When you have a landscape ‘formatted’ page and portrait in the same record and you have to zoom one way or the other half a dozen times from one page to the next it’s pretty annoying.

In addition, please allow pdf’s to be added to the bottom of the "Content’ / “thumbnails” sidebar. It’s really annoying to have to add a really long pdf in at second to the last page, then move the bottom page back up to where it was in line. You can do it if there are only a few pages and there is a space at the bottom of the preview window.!

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 4.55.23 PM|690x327


Currently you have to right click and select for each step.

That isn’t fully correct.
There are already the View > Zoom commands and their respective hotkeys.
You can also pinch to zoom in/or and two-finger double-tap to go back to the default of Fit to Width or Fit to Window.

Or you could customize the toolbar and add the desired zoom controls.

Greetings -
Thanks for tip on adding zoom controls to the top menu bar. I’d prefer it down on the preview pane next to the ‘Go to’ page controls, but this works fine too, much appreciated. Still interested in adding pages to the bottom of the thumbnail list. Thanks again.