Preview toggleable via mouse

Would be great if DEVONthink’s preview options

  • None
  • Standard
  • Widescreen

could be toggled via clicking them in the toolbar. Currently it’s just irritating that clicking a view mode doesn’t do anything.

(I know how to toggle them via Keyboard Maestro, but this doesn’t help when I use the mouse)

Toggled between what exactly?

Re-clicking any toolbar item should toggle.

Should toggle between what:
The view/edit pane showing or not showing?
The current and previous state?

The view/edit pane showing or not showing.

Why not just hit the appropriate toolbar button or shortcut?

Because I then first have to search the appropriate button and often fail in doing so :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s the menu. I was talking about the toolbar buttons :wink:

@cgrunenberg would have to consider making the buttons toggle the state.