Preview within search resultset


i am searching my index (command-2) and have a list of around 20 items.
i focus on the resultset by pressing tab. now i can navigate the list up and down with the arrow keys. since almost all of them are PDFs i can simply press Space and get a preview window with the file the cursor is currently on. since most (all?) PDFs are multipage pdfs i would like to be able to navigate the currently previewed pdf somehow with my keyboard. but how?


You can already scroll through the previewed pdf. Just click once on the previewed pdf to navigate the pages with the up and down arrows of your keyboard. Then it is active, which you can see by the shade the Quicklook (preview) window throws when it is in front.

should have mentioned… i am only looking for keyboard-only solutions :wink:

@bosie’s right, see below

opening with space seems to do the same as alt-space. neither is fullscreen and in neither of the two can i actually navigate with page down/up and/or arrow keys. i stay in the devonsphere list and arrow keys navigate the list, not the document.

The next release will support page/up down without having to activate the QuickLook panel first (and both DEVONthink/EasyFind will support this too).