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This is a stupid question (especially after using DTO for a year). If you move a document from the inbox to another folder using right click - move. Is there a way to find the document (like a previous action short cut) without having to search for it. I hope that makes sense.
Thanks so much.

Kim Marietta

Not such a bad question – I’ve often moved something then thought “what the heck did I just do?” :confused:

On the assumption that things in the inbox tend to be fairly recently added to DEVONthink, I keep “Today”, “Yesterday”, “This Week” and “Last Week” smart groups in the global sidebar. These are often helpful.

Great idea!
Thanks Korm

As someone also prone to these senior moments, I just use cmd-z: brings the file back. Of course, then I’ve got to reapply the changes, which means I’ve got to remember what I was doing with it in the first place…

Yes, command-z works for moves inside a database, but not for moves between databases.

Doesn’t it? Well, I didn’t realise that… I only ever move things from the global inbox into one of the other two inboxes, so it’s not too difficult to remember - I supposed I’ve never had to use cmd-z in those circumstances.