print and setting margins to print directly from DT

i know there is a post on this from some years ago, but i can’t find it due to problems with the bb database.
my question is, can you print directly from devonthink pro without getting lines cut in two because i can’t seem to set basic margins?
i see that others cut and paste into word documents etc, but this seems like a tad cumbersome and i would have thought it to be a simple matter to fix margins (but perhaps i’m wrong)?

It’s only possible to set the right border of rich texts. But if you want to wrap plain/rich text to page margins, just use Data > Open With > TextEdit (or Cmd-Shift-O if TextEdit is the default application on your system), press Cmd-Shift-W (to enable page wrapping) and finally Cmd-P to print.

thanks cgr,
this works - but wondering if DT could add this as a feature sometime in the future?

Yes, this will be improved in the future but by v2.x is more likely than by v2.0.