Print -> PDF -> Save to DevonThink Pro.scpt not working


For some reason this doesn’t work for me. When I do it in Firefox, nothing happens. In Safari, I see the print progress bar and then it goes away, nothing else.

Both are the latest current versions available. Am on OS X 10.5.2.

Anything I can try to fix this?


  1. If you haven’t designated a default database, and DT Pro isn’t open with an open database at the time, the application will launch but won’t have an open database to receive new data. Remedy: designate a database as default, either in Preferences or in File > Database Properties.

  2. Have you installed software that creates errors in your operating system? For example ShapeShifter (from Unsanity) has often caused problems, especially with PDFs. Remedy: remove such software.

  3. Check the possibility that the script has become damaged. Locate it at ~/Library/PDF Services/. Delete the script, then In DT Pro’s menu choose Help > Install Add-ons and confirm. While viewing a page, try Print > PDF > Print to DEVONthink Pro once more.

  4. Check the possibility that DEVONthink Pro’s application file and/or its preferences .plist file (~/Library/Preferences? is damaged by deleting them, then logout/login or restart and download and install a fresh copy of DT Pro.

The current version of OS X Leopard is 10.5.4. Any reason you haven’t updated?

Thanks for the quick reply!

I have tried all of what you suggested to no avail.

However, I have noticed that even though the script shows up in the PDF print dialog, it is not in the PDF Services folder. I did a search and can’t find where it is. Could this be the problem? How can I copy it there?


P.S. Typo on the version - I am using 10.5.4.

In DT Pro, once again choose Help > Install Add-ons. Confirm.

Afterwards, choose Tools > Log. Is there a message that the script failed to be installed in ~/Library/PDF Services/?

If so, it’s likely that you have a permissions error for the PDF Services folder. Here’s what to do:

  1. In the Finder, select the PDF Services folder (see its location above).

  2. Press Command-I to open the Info panel. As you are using Leopard, look at the Sharing & Permissions section of the panel. Do you have read & write permission? If not, edit Sharing & Permissions to give yourself read & write permission. You will need to click on the lock button and enter your administrative password. Then close the Info panel.

  3. Once again, choose Help > Install Add-ons. Now go to the Finder and look inside ~/Library/PDF Services/. Is the script there?

This reminds me of something I’ve wanted to suggest for a long time …

Please consider renaming the Save to Printed PDF Service to something that indicates it’s for DEVONthink. Would also be nice if the .scpt extensions for both PDF Services were hidden in the menu. Thanks!