print selected text

An extremely useful bit of code that exists in microsoft office is “print selection”.

You select whatever bit you want and hit print.
Only the selected bit prints.

It is an extremely useful thing to have. It saves many a tree.

It would be great if DevonThink had it.

One way you can do this now is to select some text, right-click and go to “Services->TextEdit->New Window Containing Selection”. You can then just print from TextEdit. It’s a few more steps than a simple “print selection”, but it works.

I would also assume that it’d be fairly simple to create an AppleScript that implements “print selection”, but I’m not an AppleScript guy, so I can’t say for sure.

That is what I do now.

It would just be nice to do it within DevonThink.

Here’s something that might be even better: (namely the Print Selection link).

I haven’t tried it, but it claims to add a “Print Selection” to the Services menu, so that should do the trick for you.

Still be nice to have it directly in DT, but this should get you 99% of what you want.

That works quite nicely.