Print to DEVONthink from Safari is not working

Printing to DEVONthink from the Print Dialog box in Safari is no longer working. I have to open the web site in Preview and export to DEVONthink from there. This has been working up til now.

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Do you use a beta of Sonoma? The last time I tried it on Sonoma printing to any application failed.


Just tried the release candidate of Sonoma, PDF services are still completely broken. Printing to DEVONthink 3 doesn’t work just like saving to the downloads folder, to iCloud Drive or sending via Mail.

Like in the past it’s always a good idea not to upgrade immediately but to await the first maintenance releases of a major new macOS version.


Is this fixed? I still can not use the print workflow in Sonoma

That’s not an issue of DEVONthink which just receives the PDF (or not like in this case). Over here it’s frequently failing on one machine too.

Does it work after updating the PDF service via DEVONthink 3 > Install Add-ons…?

I hit DevonThink3 → Install Add-ons. again but the issue remains.
I can open it in preview and from the print dialogue there I can send it to DT