Print to Devonthink results in a PDF+Text....

Print to DevonthinkPro from a website (I’m a beta-tester… I don’t know if this feature is in the current Devonthink) results in a PDF+Text that I can’t seem to highlight and copy text out of. If I export the file to a Preview document, I can copy the text from preview, but not from devonthinkpro.

I’m not a beta tester, just a DT1.9.2 user, but I think that what you’re doing reads/indexes the text, allowing you to find the document in DT with searches, but doesn’t allow you to access the internal pdf itself for searching, highlighting, or copying. You have to open it in preview to do those things. I’m not sure why, but I think that is how it works at this time. You can tell the pdf in DT to “convert to rtf” and it will make a document in DT of the pdf text that can be searched highlighted, etc., by using TextLightning (if you have it installed).

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong about any of this.


I’m responding to myself because I’ve run into a weird and seemingly serious bug in 1.9.2 involving PDF to RTF translations. I’ll post it in the troubleshooting forum under “PDF to RTF Issue” in hopes of getting some help with it.