Print to PDF in IOS 10 now available!

Just upgraded my iPhone 6 to IOS 10 last night. From the print screen in any app, you can now “pinch” on the print preview document which opens the preview document (as a PDF) in another window. Then can then clip the document to devonthink in the usual fashion.

Perfect timing of this feature given the recent release of DTTG 2.0.*

Very cool.

Nice! Thanks for the tip.

Yes indeed, thanks for the tip!

iOS 10 continues to surprise and delight, and what amazing timing for the DT team! There is no better time for Devonthink to be what it was meant to be when initially conceived. I for one have waited for this since V1.

Thanks again to the entire team!

FWIW, I need to use the “spread two fingers out from center” pinch to get into the PDF dialog. Almost seems like Apple wanted to hide this feature.

In iOS Safari the print to PDF feature is very useful if you first put the web page into reader view (press the three-stacked-bar icon in the address bar) – quickly get an ad-free PDF.

Also I notice that all extensions that formerly said “Copy to” now are “Import with”. So, it’s “Import with DEVONthink”

Great tip, thanks!

Thank you for this great tip!

This is indeed fantastic. However, as far as I can tell, there is a serious caveat for using this feature for webpages: Links on the webpage will not be links in the pdf. At least for me, the majority of web-captures relies on functioning links.

So generally I still have to rely on my old method on iOS: I either clip the bookmark temporarily to DTTG or send an email with the weblink to myself, and then, next time I clean out my inbox on the Mac, I use the excellent Safari web-capture plugin, using the “pdf, one page” format.

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This is not in our control. The PDF is generated by mobile Safari.

@gg378 – very good caveat. Thank you. I had not noticed this, since links in PDFs generated on iOS are not usually important for me. But you’re right. I just checked out several apps that take URLs from Safari and make PDFs, and all but one – MarginNote Pro – do not retain the links. (MarginNote has its own PDF convertor.)

Apple provides a couple of faster mechanisms. Add the page on iOS to Safari’s Reading List, available the next time you’re on Safari OS X. Or use iCloud Tabs if your iPad and desktop happen to be on the same network. Reading List is the better of the two, IMO.

Yes, I know. I’m not suggesting this could be fixed, only that people should be aware of this. What’s worse, depending on the style used for links, the visual appearance of the link is kept in the pdf. For example, if the page has links as blue, underlined, text, the printed pdf will show blue, underlined text, and you will only find out that it is not a link when you eventually try to press one. That’s how I found out.

Good methods. Thanks. I often end up with the “mail to myself” because the one, and pretty much only, religiously followed procedure I have is “zero mail inbox” every day. Whatever shows up in the mail inbox will be taken care of. Sadly, my DT Global Inbox is not like that at all at this point (reason for a new-year resolution :smiley: ). Based on my habits, things like the Safari reading list are totally off the radar screen. Every now and then I find some ancient stuff on there that I forgot about. That’s actually fun, too: rediscovering old information.