Print to PDF

I have a folder with files of mixed type and would like to export them all in pdf format. I can process them one at a time by highlighting successive items in the file list for the folder and using File-Print-Save as PDF. But I have a large number, so is there any way of saving them all as pdfs in one go? If I highlight them all and use File-Print-Save as PDF I just get a file list (in fact if I just highlight two files I still get the same complete file list). A script could probably do it but I am not familiar with Applescript. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Keith

If you have files that are not recognized by DEVONthink, even with Quick Look, I can understand that you would want to convert them to a format that can be searched and displayed within the database. Yes, PDF is such a format.

But there I times I hate Adobe. For example, when I need to extract a text quote from a PDF I gripe about the fact that I’ll have to edit out the hard line endings.

Most of my documents are rich text. If I were to print them as PDF the file sizes grow by a factor of 2 to 3 times.

For documents that are static, that I don’t plan ever to edit, PDF is OK. But if I might need to edit notes or drafts, I wouldn’t want to work with a PDF version.

So my databases contain a number of different filetypes. So long as the text content can be recognized and I can search and view the document in DEVONthink, I’m satisfied.

Thanks, but I don’t want to save the files in DT after converting them pdf; I want to be able to export them and mail them to someone who needs them in that format. So is there no way of doing that for a large block of files in DT that are in a variety of formats?

Apology to bring up an old topic, but I am looking for exactly the same thing. I have a list of rtfd files, and I would like to generate a pdf file from the contents of all of them.

Some of these rtfd files contain pictures, and Scrivener for example is able to scale each of these pictures to fit either on one page (by itself) or if smaller with the text but never to spread/span one picture over multiple pages.

Is there anyway to achieve this. Appreciating your reply.