Printing a journal with automatic dates


I’m looking for a way to print a “journal” of entries. For example, I have several RTF entries in a folder, all with different date attributes. I would like to be able to select them and print a concatenated (regrouped) document with all the entries, listed by date. Of course I would need this report or journal to include at least titles, body text, date and time for each entry.

Also, I must find a method that would input the dates+times automatically from the file/entry attributes. Entering dates manually in the text body defeats the purpose of using a computer, IMHO.

Thanks for any ideas for achieving this!

Here is a script posted by @Johannes that gets you part of the way there:

It would not be difficult to modify to add the date. If you browse the scripting forum (or post your question there) you might find further advice on this.