Printing from DT

Is there any way to control the way a note will look when it is printed?  To be specific:

• Can I set the top and bottom margins?  (Left and right margins can be set with the ruler, of course.)

• Can I have the pages numbered?

Finally, if it is NOT possible to do this within DEVONthink or -note, can anyone suggest a workaround – for instance a "service" to handle printing?  I would love to use DT and DN for writing, but this is quite difficult if the final printed product comes out as an unformatted dump of raw text.


If I may add to the above…  One solution goes like this:

• Select entire body of text to be printed

• DEVONthink > Services > World Book Notepad > Open Selection

• World Book Notepad > Format > Header and Footer…

• > Format > Page numbers…

• > File > Print…

This procedure, though clunky, seems to get the job done.  I have not tried it with large (i.e., book-length) documents.  WP Notepad offers font & size control as a "Customize toolbar" option, which helps with last-minute adjustments.  (My screen fonts do not look so good as printer fonts.)

Still I wish there was a one-app solution, short of a feature-bloated word processor.

Currently printing uses the default margins of OS X (or your printer driver) but a future release (maybe v1.9) will support footers/headers including page numbers and will add page views (similar to TextEdit) too.

That’s great!  Will this also be true for DEVONnote?

I am just starting work on a new novel (my 9th), and have been flip-flopping about what software to use.  Dthink & Dnote are really lovely applications.  I like almost everything about them, including the way they look on the screen – and I especially find the dynamic page-counting of Dnote to be a neat little extra.  It gives me a sense of  continual progress.

The only drawback really has been the formatting question.  It is somehow less than comfortable to be clacking away in one application with the idea always that one must switch to a different app finally for layout and printing.  Also this is dangerous, because if a work exists in different formats, it is hard sometimes to remember which is the "canonical" version.

Thank you for all your work on these programs, and also for your responsiveness in this forum.


thank you for the feedback. Currently it’s unlikely that DEVONnote 1.1 will include the page view, this will be probably limited to DEVONthink PE/Pro 1.9.x.

But there will be lots of other changes related to features and user interface in both applications and all three releases will be probably finished within 4 weeks (and hopefully looking much better :slight_smile:)