Printing Index of Database Documents

This may be a dumb question, but so far I can’t find the answer:

How do I print a copy of the titles of all of my database entries?

I would like to have someone working for me crosscheck all of our hardcopies against the database, so we’re sure they’re there before we throw away the hard copies. I can’t have her working at my computer that hosts the database, so I wanted to print her an index of it.

How do I do this? I can’t do a screen capture of all 500 docs in the list, and when I try to print it just wants to print the folders–not doc names.

Thanks very much.

Think I just answered my own question:


Then just print the Listing doc. Is this the best way to print? Any way to include detailed doc info?


Another way to print a list of database contents is with the History view. This might be useful if you need to sort by other than Name, e.g., Age. Select all or a portion of the History list, copy it to the clipboard, then paste into a plain text formatted document, e.g., a plain text TextEdit document. This will simply list the Names of the database contents.

A more informative printout – perhaps as a PDF file – can be produced in this way:

  1. Display the top-level view of your database. Switch to the “as List” view. Choose View > Expand All so that the contents of all groups will be visible. If desired, modify the columns of information displayed using View > Columns. You can sort in various ways.

  2. Set File > Printer Setup to the landscape mode.

  3. Press Command-P to invoke the Print panel. You can either print the list, or click on the PDF button and Save the PDF to the Finder.

Comment: As my main database has tens of thousands of documents, I would worry about the paper and ink cartridges to do a printed list. But a PDF file is cheap. :slight_smile: