printing to index cards

I am a very new user of DevonThink, in the late stages of writing a dissertation, and I’m very excited about its capabilities, though I think I have a lot! to learn :open_mouth: .

Among the things that I’ve been tossing in there are very short notes, often as little as two or three words, which I would now like to print out, one note to an index card. Although I can do that, each note seems to need three index cards, and I’m not quite sure why. I’d also love to be able to give them headers, or print some of the meta info. Anybody have any suggestions? I’m guessing, from what I’ve been reading on the forums, that I may have to export to a more printer-friendly program, but I’d love to hear from people who actually know.


As a practical matter you will need to move your material into a more competent word processing application for printing to index cards, with header.

Copy/paste of rich or plain text works well.

I often need to add header/footer, footnotes (and/or endnotes), a TOC and bookmark links for final print or PDF output. I use Pages 2.x or Papyrus 12 most of the time. Many users on the forum use Mellel or Word.

Thanks; I guess I was hoping to avoid that, but I will have to bite the bullet. I use Word for writing, almost exclusively, and I will just dump them in there.