Pro Offce Version 2.0.2 sets itself to Unregistered status

I have Pro Office (2.0.2) installed and registered. However, as of today, when I started the app, it advised it was unregistered and gave a countdown to activity with an additional counter for hours remaining.

I tried copying ‘n’ pasting the information from the registration email back into the Help-Enter Licence section but the option to register remained unavailable. There was no company name (I have an academic licence) but the remainder of detail (name & serial) were copied from the email provided without success.

I’m rather sure that I registered the app when I first got the licence (several weeks back now) and that this is the application switching itself to unregistered status or, somewhere, I’ve had something clean up registration details and now it won’t accept the details for a second time? (Been trying MacCleanUp recently… that’s about the only thing I can think of.)

In summary: has anyone seen this behaviour before? Suggestions?

Please send an email to our support address including the license code. In addition, please ensure that you’re using the right edition (Pro vs. Pro Office).

I have exactly the same problem. I have sent an email to support but still waiting for a reply - is there something I can do to solve the problem?

Please compare the application name and the version number in your license code email to the installed application’s name and version number.

Click on the application name in the menubar and choose ‘About…’ to reveal a splash screen that lists the application name and its version number. Make sure that the installed version is the one currently posted on the Download page (currently, version 2.0.2).

Note that a license code for DT Pro won’t work for DT Pro Office, and vice versa. Likewise, a license code for version 1.x won’t work for version 2.x.

Enter the registration information from the license code email (Name, Organization-if any, License Code) EXACTLY (no change or typo - copy/paste works) into the corresponding fields in the registration panel (Help > Enter License). After the last field has been entered the Register button should activate so that you can click on it and receive confirmation of registration.

If you had requested a change in your registration information, e.g., a change of email address, a new license code emal would have been sent to you. In that case, the new registration information should be used, as the original information may no longer work.

Thanks - you are quite correct I was trying to license the wrong version :blush: