Pro version clarifications needed please


I’m trying to evaluate the Standard vs Pro versions in terms of what I need, and I’ve read the main Devonthink page and the Editions page.

On the Editions page, a number of the Pro features have linked descriptions, but several don’t have explanations. These are:

  • Download Manager
  • Concordance
  • Grouping Similar Items
  • Custom Metadata
  • Form Views
  • Bookends Integration

Might someone be able to point me towards “official” descriptions of these features? Alternatively, might someone be able to briefly explain what these features are?


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…Also, I’m seeing that “Concordance” is listed on both the Main Devonthink page and the Editions page under the Pro version, but below the Editions chart is the wording:
“The standard edition offers all features portrayed on the [DEVONthink product page ( except those listed above.”

So… Is Concordance a Standard feature or a Pro-only feature?

There’s a really excellent manual which you can download from here and which not only explains all features comprehensively but also highlights in blue all features which are available only in higher editions. You may find that helpful.


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The Concordance is a higher edition feature.

Thank you, @Stephen_C. That manual did indeed solve the mysteries. When the devs catch their breathe, hopefully they can add blurbs about those features to that Editions page.

And thank you for the clarification, @BLUEFROG. Given that concordance is Pro-only, I might suggest just adding the text “pro-only” similar to how the web server feature is mentioned further up that page. That way concordance can still be mentioned there, but the uninitiated won’t think it’s a Standard feature.

You’re welcome. We’ll look into it. Cheers!