problem converting databases from 1.5.4 to 2

Purchased upgrade to DT 2.0. Trashed DT 1.5.4 app and app support files, as instructed.

Began importing databases (have 9). First two seemed OK. Then realized the conversion was stripping some filenames, particularly of .jpgs. (Instead of something like “Sue on beach”, it changed the filenames to something like “L000012.jpg”.

I didn’t even look to see how much other damage it had done – fixing that would be waaaaay too much work; impossible in some cases.

Stopped immediately, trashed DT 2.0 and fished DT 1.5.4 out of the trash.

What now?

There are some other threads on this; I’d suggest you browse and see the results of those threads.

I didn’t have any issues moving my 4 GB database with about 7000 documents, so I unfortunately can’t help with first-hand experience.

I have the same problem can’t find any other post. What is the trick, what should I do. I don’t want to rename 7000 files.

There have been several reports of image or PDF file renaming in a numerical sequence.

I’ve converted a number of databases and have never encountered it, and the large majority of users don’t seem to have that problem.

But this is why the public beta was issued – to test in a larger community of users than previously.

Christian would appreciate as much information as possible about this. If, for example, you can create a small database in the 1.x version that displays this problem when converted to 2.0, that would be useful. Along with any crash reports, etc. See the FAQs for uploading a database.

See some tips at if you need to have both versions DT 1 and DT 2, installed in your Applications folder.

I had the same problem. I converted a database of 765 PDF files from 1.5 to 2.0. Not only did it rename the PDF files in a numerical sequence, but it failed to import 61 of the 765 files. The log simply says “failed” next to these files.

I was discouraged to see that my original 1.5 dtbase file had been modified during the process and rendered useless. I have a backup, but it’s not available to me until next week, so I’m extremely frustrated.

I too have this problem.

It seems that all replicants have been converted to duplicates. Every pdf has been renamed with nos: 00001; 00002 etc. In many instances these had been named by selecting text and using the contextual menu. Numerous image files have also been renamed.

With the last beta release (today), I tried again to import my old database. DT has now crashed twice, and I’m losing confidence in the whole thing.

Please send a message to Support with a description of what happened, and attach a recent DEVONthink crash log, which may be found in Console > LOG FILES > ~/Library/Logs/ > CrashReporter. Question: Is your database on a network server, on on the host computer?