Problem downloading some articles

I ran into an issue fairly recently, but has happened periodically in the past as well. Basically I have two problems right now:

  1. Some sites, when clipping to DevonThink, only import a blank page.

If possible, could someone else try these and see if they get similar behavior? I’ve had decent success importing as a web archive, but the problem with web archives (for me), is that often times I want to add my own documentation to it. For example, on the nuget one (2nd link), I want to add information about missing references as a use case for this. PDF works really well for me, especially since I can annotate them on my IPad Pro (which I do a lot of)

  1. I think my database is somewhat corrupt, but do not want to revert from a backup. Especially since the backup could be a day or so old. I can still open the database file, and work with most items in it just fine but in Example 1 above, I tried to download it as PDF again and now if I try to delete that entry, it will cause DevonThink to crash. I had to run a “Rebuild Database” to get it working fine again.
  1. I’m not seeing any problem with clipping them as web archives.
  2. A crash isn’t necessarily a sign of “database corruption”. When reporting crashes, hold the Option Key and choose Help > Report Bug. It’s also best if you have determined the crash is reproducible and the steps to reproduce when possible. Thanks!

Would you mind trying to clip the article as PDF over WebArchive? I’m sure WebArchive would work, but was hoping to get PDF to work. It may just be one of the sites that just can’t be imported as PDF without exporting in Safari first.

I’ll keep the steps in mind if I get this issue happening again. I decided to export -> import just to get it running again. Maybe I’ll make a hard backup of the folders, intentionally reproduce the issue I ran into, then submit the bug report this weekend.

Thanks for the quick reply and help.

No problem. The Microsoft one definitely has issues as a PDF. The other worked fine.

Actually, when clipping the one as a paginated PDF, they seem to have a very nice print style. That’s not commonly seen (and why I rarely clip paginated PDFs) but this one looks pretty good!

Hmm, I’ll try the first link again. I can live without the MSDN ones, but the random “this is cool, I should read this” tends to get clipped to DT quite often.

Thanks for testing!