Problem DT Server: Admin password required for keychain

I operate a DT server that is accessible to colleagues via the internet. Access should be via https. We have created a corresponding certificate and installed it as admin in the keychain. It is then available for selection in DT. It does not work as a normal user, not even with “My certificate”. Every time the server is accessed from outside via https, the key ring requests admin access because User/DT3 wants to access the system keychain.
What are we doing wrong?
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Wolfgang Groß

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Maybe you should install the certificate as normal user?

Or maybe I don’t understand the cause of the problem. If you’re talking about the certificate for the server: why should anybody be required to access that (except maybe the admin of the server machine)? The users’ browser will simply have to be told to accept this server certificate as valid (if it’s not signed by one of the CAs known by the browser).
If it’s not about the server’s certificate – what is its intended use?

Does it work after installing the certificate in the user’s keychain?

Thank you for the quick reply. That is probably where the error lies. We will look into it.