Problem importing mailbox

Hi everyone!

I’m just bought DTPO and I’m testing the email archiving.

I was doing some tests and now I something is corrupted;

I go to file>import>email and select a gmail mailbox with 28 emails and only import 19. Log says 9 was previously imported, but they are not in the inbox.

I traed to clear cache, rebuild database, complete uninstall of DTPO but no success any time I reinstall DTPO and try to import this Mailbox it only import 19 of 28.

Help please!

Much thanks.

Did you delete the trash before doing the import?

If that isn’t the issue, then the only other thing I can think of is that some messages in your mailbox are duplicates and have the same message id. The mail importer plugin uses the message id as globally unique id and will not import any messages with ids it already has anywhere in an open database.

You can use “Show original” in Gmail or “View > Message > Raw Source” in to check the message id and see if you have in fact any duplicates.

Thanks jandubois,

I tryed with another Gmail account and the same. The first import is good but when I delete the database and try to import by archive Mailbox again it says 89 previously imported.

I’m getting crazy.

Any idea please?

I just realized that there is an easier way to find the duplicate message:

Locate one of the messages that isn’t being imported in Mail and look up the message id using the “View > Message > Raw Source” menu item. You have to tripple-click a line to be able to copy it to the clipboard. It should look like this:```

Then in a Terminal window run this command:

open “x-devonthink-item://

This should open the record with this message id in the DEVONthink database. You can then use the "Data > Reveal" menu command to locate this message inside the database structure.

Just to make sure all is coherent in Mail, do a Mailbox > Rebuild Mailbox before importing.

Thanks for the replies,

@ jandubois

I used this instruction with an email with is supposed imported previously and Devonthink opens but not show the message, so there is not in the database.


I test with rebuilding mailbox but with no big changes.

What I detected is that when more complex is the structure of the Mailbox trying to archive, more problems when archiving like:

  • Couldn’t write message file. Can’t continue import of message.

  • Mail import to “/Emails/” 20 failed and 80 previously imported

This messages are appearing when importing to a new fresh database.

And when I IMPORT MANUALLY, dragging and drop an inbox to inbox from safari to Devonthink all seems to be well imported!

Please start a Support Ticket.