Problem importing PDFs from Safari into DTTG

On iPad/iPhone I open a pdf file in Safari. Now I want to import it into DTTG. I use the “share” functionality of iOS and pick DEVONthink as app. Then the “Clip to DEVONthink” dialogue opens, but I cannot choose to import the file as PDF, the only possibilites are as link, web archive or markdown file.

If I use “share” in other apps (e.g. PDF Expert), again the “Clip to DEVONthink” dialogue appears, but this time the file is saved in PDF.

What am I doing wrong?


What is the url for the pdf file that you are trying to import,1415,0

FYI is no PDF at that URL (at least for me when I tried)

I get an access denied message, however from the url I can see why the Capture PDF option is not available. I will look into fixing this for the next update.


Here is another example:

Looks like a good URL. In fact, the capture pdf is available, but in my inbox I only get the URL.

If you hold the DTTG icon in the share sheet then you can select “open in” rather than “share with” - that should work.

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