Problem to import RSS feeds from Oxford Academic website

I am quite new to DT3
I have tried without success to import RSS feeds from journals from the Oxford academic Website that hosts many scientific journals from my field
For instance, when I try to create a new RSS feed for the journal of the american medical informatics association (https: // academic.oup . com / jamia ; I put spaces as it seems to be forbidden to reference website here) by entering the following link for the rss feed : https: // academic.oup. com/rss/site_5396/3257.xml (as referenced in the website of the journal), it does not work. I have tried to enter this link in the old reader website (https ://, which is basically an RSS aggregator and it worked)
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Anything in the log window?
And may be you could describe in more detail what you did? What exactly means “without success”?
I have absolutely no problem adding the feed to my database (going through “Data/New/New Feed”). Except, maybe, that there’s nothing in the feed, even after refreshing the feed.
For the record: You can post links here. Just use the two linked chain elements in the toolbar, between the _I_talic and the quotes.

Many thanks for your answer
By “without success”, I meant that there is nothing in the feed whereas there should be something like 10 references or so

And there is nothing in the log window

Right. When I open the link in a browser, I get a whole bunch of posts in XML format. So maybe this is a problem in DT not recognizing the format?

I have added a bug-report tag in my post

Welcome @isma17

The link you provided didn’t pass through an RSS validator.

If this is supposed to be an RSS feed for OUP journals, this has been discontinued:
The list of current RSS feeds is here:

Many thanks for your help
Indeed, the RSS feed does not seem to pass an RSS validador but it works for instance in OldReader and Feedly… So, I was expecting it works with DT

@chrillek The RSS feed I provided is from the website of the journal
I don’t think the link you mention refers to scientific journals (I did not find jamia for instance) but maybe more to books

As I said before:

I didn’t say at all that I provided a link to scientific journal RSS feeds – quite to the contrary.
Most probably they don’t want to provide RSS feeds any more (the standards they are referring to in the XML are actually ages old and have long since been superseeded) but forget to remove them from the website.
Be that as it may, DT will probably not go out of their way to work with broken RSS feeds. Since OUP says that they’re offering journal updates via twitter, maybe that’s a way for you?

@chrillek many thanks for your help. You are probably right. I thinks I’ll go for the good old-fashioned email table of content alerts

The website doesn’t like DEVONthink’s generic user-agent and closes the connection, maybe to avoid traffic by bots. The next release will improve this.

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