Problem using DT on two Macs

I am using DevonThink on both my G5 and my PowerBook. What I do is to copy the entire ~/Library/Application Support/DevonThink folder from one machine to other when I move location.

I use DevonThink mainly to store PDFs. I have it set to store copies of the original files in a database folder.

What seems to be happening, though, is that when I add a file to DevonThink on one machine and try to open it on the other machine, DevonThink shows me just the small TIFF, as if the PDF file were missing. The file is still there in the database folder. If I drag it out and drop it back into DevonThink it is happy again. That is, until I go back to the first machine when I have the same problem all over.

So somehow DevonThink is losing track of these files in the database folder (~/Library/Application Support/DevonThink/Files) when I move the DevonThink folder from machine to machine.

(Using 1.7.3 on OSX 10.3)

DT uses both aliases and paths (relative to your home directory if possible) to reference files. Therefore this should work if the files are stored inside the database folder. Maybe a file privilege problem?