Problem with "added date"

In the attached screenshot, the highlighted article haas as the Added date 2022-12-13, and modified Today 11:02 AM. (modification date/time are correct). If you look at the bottom of the screenshot you see that the article was Received: December 08, 2022, Revised: August 22,2023 and Accepted: September 15, 2023. I downloaded and added the article to my files on November 2, 2023.
WHY is the ADDED Date incorrect?
I don’t think this is a universal problem. The actual files are in an external folder, which DT indexes. Sometimes the dates of first storing a file, shown by Finder, and the Added Date in DT are different, but always the Finder date is before the DT Added Date and the differences are 1 or 2 days, which may reflect when DT revisited the file folder and updated its index. I could find no instance where the DT AddedDate was BEFORE the Finder date, or the date of publication (which is an external indicator). So, is this something to worry about?

It’s the date when the item was added to the database, it’s not related to any dates found in the document.

That does not explain how the Added Date was in 2022, when the article was published (and downloaded by me) in 2023, i.e. a year later.

You’re doing a search here so how have you verified the file is indeed the correct one and not one you added past year?

That is a baffling question. The issue is NOT related to a search. It is related to the observation that the added date is ONE YEAR BEFORE the document in question was even published. The question relates to the accuracy of the Added Date field. I have indeed verified the file is the correct one and not one that was added the previous year. It is true that a similarly named file was added the year previously, but that is not the same file as the one in question. In a general sense, it is a distinct possibility that there could be similarly named files, but containing different content, in the database, but that should have no bearing on the value of the Added Date. In the real world, files can be updated, and it is important to have an accurate reflection of the date of update, and of addition to the database.

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