Problem with autocomplete for tags in El Capitan

I recently upgraded to El Capitan (10.11.1) and am having issues with autocomplete when I add tags to files in DT (which I do frequently).

I have many tags that use a slash - for example “pX-Susan tag 1” or “Px-Caroline tag 1” etc. Previously, would type “pX-S” and see “pX-Susan tag 1” as an option via autocomplete. Now, as soon as I type the “-” (i.e. “pX-”) it automatically sets the tag as "pX-Caroline tag 1 " before I can type the S and without letting me select from the list. This is only in the database view (specifically 3 pane view)- autocomplete is working fine in the Notes pane. It is driving me crazy - it won’t even let me type the entire tag by hand. It autocompletes before I have a chance.

Any suggestions? Should I report this as a bug? It used to work fine before El Capitan.


I can’t replicate it here. I have made the Tags as you note and autocompletion is working as expected. Does this persist after a machine reboot?

Yes, it persists after a machine reboot.

I’ve attached two screenshots to illustrate.

The first is after I type the first few letters of the tag - this is the normal situation where the rest of the tag is suggested, but highlighted and a drop down list is given to select other options. If I type a new character, it will overwrite the highlight.

The second is immediately after I type “-”. Instead of highlighting, the rest of the tag has now been chosen with no drop down list. If I continue typing, it will add to the chosen tag and not overwrite the autocompleted section.

I’m not sure what to suggest to replicate it. I am using the latest DT 2.8.8.

Is there a quick way to transfer this over to a bug notification? Or should I just copy/paste? The problem persists and is significantly slowing down my productivity. I rely heavily on tagging as a way of quickly sorting into folders.


You can start a Support Ticket with a copy of the description. Also, include a link to this post. (Note that I still cannot reproduce the issue here.)

Note: The response will be slower due to holiday schedules.

Thanks for your help. I created ticket #146438.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you too! :smiley: