Problem With AutoFill - Can You Help?

I apologize for not staying exactly on topic (using DevonThink), but I think you might have a way to help.

I need to login at GoDaddy… normally Safari’s AutoFill remembers my login details, but GoDaddy just changed their entire website – and it doesn’t work.

I’d reset my password, but the email address goes to an old email that I no longer own.

The good news is when I open the Auto FIll via Safari, I can see the entry along with my username… but I can see the password.

And the Auto Fill file on my hard drive is encrypted.

Any ideas on how to grab my password from Auto Fill?

By the way, ironically I gave a big endorsement to DevonThink on my internet radio broadcast just yesterday… if you want to hear it, check out the replay at:

You might check if there’s an entry for GoDaddy’s form in the keychain.