Problem with Cmd-N

I’m adding a lot of items to a DT Pro database. Earlier I copied and pasted some text and now everytime I press Cmd-N to get a new RTF I get an item with that previously pasted text as it’s name and contents!! This is a nuisance as I have to use the button on the toolbar to add a new RTF instead. This is certainly slowing me down. Is this a bug or is there some way I can turn this ‘feature’ off?

There are two ways to handle this in DT Pro:

[1] Memorize this:

  • Command-N creates a new RTF with the content of the clipboard;
  • Control-Command-N creates a new empty RTF file.


[2] Use a keyboard shortcut modifier to change the shortcuts in DT Pro. :slight_smile:

As many users clip excerpts from other documents into their database, the shorter Command-N shortcut was favored for that reason.

Thanks Bill, Control-Cmd-N will be fine.