Problem with Firefox

I’d like to store a highlighted text from Safari into DTP Office, but the function in “Sevices/DevonThink Pro” (Firefox/Dienste) can’t be used. In Safari everything works fine. Any suggestions? Thanx.

The problem is in Firefox, not in Safari

Whatever its other strengths, Firefox isn’t written in Cocoa and is a total weakling in support of OS X Services and AppleScript. So much so that I find it unsuitable for capturing material from the Web to DT Pro.

Every week I capture a couple of hundred or more Web pages into my databases, most as rich text captures of selected text/images (to avoid capturing ads and other non-related material). I’ve saved bookmarks to the scientific journals, governmental agencies, news sites and so on that I frequently visit in a Bookmarks group in my database. The built-in browser in DT Pro provides convenient contextual menu options to capture selected material as a rich note, or to capture the page as HTML or WebArchive formats. That simply can’t be beat for speed and ease of capture and options, although DEVONagent provides equivalent options plus a few more, with equivalent speed and ergonomics.

My focus is on capturing information in the formats of my choice into my database quickly and easily. There are rumors that Firefox may include OS X Services and perhaps AppleScript compatibility one of these days. But at present it’s not a useful tool for my purposes.