Problem with installing hotservices 2.2


I just tried to install hotservices on my MacBook Pro (10.4.6), following the readme.txt file that came with it. Basically, I created a “InputManagers” folder under library and copied the folder “HotService” into it. Then, I restarted the laptop and opened a few app (Mail, Safai, DTPro, etc.) and nowhere I could find the services menu. :frowning:

Since I’m a newbie on this, maybe I’m doing something wrong… :question:

I hope someone can help.

– MJ

MJ, you didn’t do anything wrong.

HotService hasn’t (yet) been rewritten to run on Intel Macs, so it’s currently limited to PPC Macs.

Ah. Thanks for the quick reply.

Are any of the services prepared for Intel already? When is it expected to have the new versions coming out?

– MJ


No, not yet. Can’t say when that will happen, as there are lots of higher priorities at the moment. Christian and Annard are hard at work.

The services are all universal over here, we’ll release them rather sooner than later :wink:

Cool. Thanks.

– MJ

I work on a PB G4 and an intel iMac. You would make my life easier if you released the HotService as an intelbinary (or Universal). It’s too nice to miss on an intel machine…


Is there any time line on when HotService will be released universal?

Thanks for a great program


Yes, please make HotServices work with the Intel Macs. I finally got around to replacing my aging PowerBook with a MacBook Pro and am disappointed to not have Services in the menubar.