Problem with keyboard navigation on documents on IPad with Keychron K2 bluetooth keyboard

I use DTTG 3.0.3 on Ipad 2018 with IpadOs 14.4 with Keychron K2 bluetooth keyboard.
I would like to navigate through document. There are arrows keys ‘up, and ‘down’ that would navigate the document, but for me it doesn’t bring any effect. Maybe it is a problem with the focus at the window?

I was able to get ‘first page’ and ‘last page’ shortcuts working but I doesn’t work for me now.
I could scroll through document using mouse (I have set continuous scroll in setings)

Which kind of document do you try to scroll with the arrow keys?

PDFs, the same behaviour with Logitech Keyboard for Ipad

Thank you. We’ll have a look when we work also on more keyboard shortcuts.

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First page/last page (cmd +arrows) usually works when I open new pdfs, then I do something and the navigation no longer works

I tried continous and single page mode, on both moving one page using arrows doesn’t work for me even the first/last page works