Problem with Mail command "Add to Devonthink Pro Office"

I really liked this option, but for me it is not working. When I use it I see the bouncing DT icon in the dock but nothing is added to my DT database.
I had a look at the console and I keep getting this:

19/05/08 07:03:49 Mail[1735] Server sent warning response for command (null): * NO Mailbox vulnerable - directory /var/mail must have 1777 protection
19/05/08 07:03:53 DEVONthink Pro[475] Processed 0 mail messages from “(null)”; imported: 0, failures: 0, duplicates: 0

What does it mean? How can I solve this problem?

Did you try to add a complete mailbox or to add the selected emails?

I was adding selected messages.
most of the times it won’t work, but I have have to say that a few times it does. I can’t figure it out

Same problem here. I havn’t looked in the console yet, but the error description is exactly the same what i could observe several times. Next time i will look in the console, if it happens to me.

Quitting and restarting DT fixes the issue.

It happend often when i continued my work after Standby from the laptop. Not sure, if this is an issue…

This is an issue with Mac OS X, it seems to clog up after communicating for a while between those two apps. I haven’t been able to reproduce it reliably here but I keep checking for a solution. In the meantime, quitting both apps is the most reliable workaround. I’m sorry I can’t give you any better advice at the moment.

Restarting didn’t fix this problem for me, but resetting the default database seemed to work. I commented in more detail here.