Problem with Mail

When I imported an e-mail into DTPO, everything worked fine. But for a short time DTPO works for a rather long time, and then sometimes the mail hasn’t bee read correctly. Thank you for any advice.

The long response time can depend on several things:

  • The preference “Import Complete Conversations” is switched on. In this case it will browse through your Sent mailboxes in order to find related emails. This will take a while.
  • You’re importing an HTML message and the preference for “Download Images” is switched on. In this case it could take a while to download the data.
  • Same but the HTML conversion has problems.

What do you mean by “sometimes the mail hasn’t been read correctly”?

Thanky you for your answer. Both of the switches you mentioned are off. The message concerning the non-correctly read mails is:

Die folgende Nachricht konnte nicht vollständig entschlüsselt werden. Nachfolgend der beste Versuch, ein lesbares Dokument aus ihr zu erstellen:

And what follows is a html-document with the text of the concerning mail.

Sometimes the Apple provided HTML to RTF conversion fails and to prevent data loss the original document is included as an attachment. This conversion improves with each new version of Mac OS X…


The bug that I mentioned above occured only in OSX 10.4.9. Now that I’ve updated to 10.4.10 everything works fine.