Problem with OS X Spaces when using Take Rich Note service C


I’m using DT Pro Office often to add web contents in Safari 5 to my database.

I do that mostly by selecting text and then typing Cmd+) (the shortcut for the “Take Rich Note” service).

The problem arises if the active Safari is in another OS X Space than the DevonThink database (always in Space 1) and only if I want to add tags:

After typing Cmd+), the semitransparent window opens, I can edit the name of the Database entry without any problem, but as soon as I jump to the Tags text field (with Tab), OS X jumps to Space 1 (where DT Pro is normally located).

This is disturbing and annoying, because I don’t want to see the Database windows, but stay in Safari to browse and add more web content.

(Sure, a simple workaround would be to use Safari in the same space as DTPro, but I don’t always want to do that…)

Can this be fixed?
I consider it a bug and would expect that I can edit also the tags and groups selection in the original Space.

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Or you can disable “When switching to an application, switch to a space with open windows for the application” under the Spaces tab of System Preferences > Exposé & Spaces but of course that has global influence on space-switching behavior.

I know, but this is already disabled!

Can('t) you reproduce the behavior I’m describing?

Before posting my reply (with the Spaces prefer disabled), I couldn’t reproduce it when temporarily setting “Destination: Select group” in DTPO (2.0.6) Preferences > Import. After invoking Command-) in Safari the dialog came up in the same space (3), not auto-switching to the space (6) where DTPO was running.

But I’d missed this step: … as soon as I jump to the Tags text field (with Tab) …
With this result: OS X jumps to Space 1 (where DT Pro is normally located).

Difference here is the space switch doesn’t happen until after selecting the destination in the dialog, though DTPO does become active when moving to the Tags field in the dialog. And behavior seems slightly different after the first time; no time to further test now.