problem with pro office mailbox importing


i’m a long time user of dtp and i’m now testing the dtpo trial’s email archive functions to decide if i need to upgrade. i’ve installed the plugin but whenever i choose “add to devonthink pro office” in apple mail i get an empty “inbox” group in my dtpo database and nothing else. i’ve tried selecting all the messages before doing that but the result is the same.

does anyone know why?


p.s. osx 10.5.1 with latest dtpo trial.

I do not know what your problem might be, but I would like to recommend trying the File | Import … | Email … function from DEVONthink’s menu. I use the Email import of DTPO daily and am very satisfied.

Maybe there is a problem with the Mail plug-in on your machine. It was also pointed out earlier that the mail accounts need to be configured to store offline copies of the mails (“Advanced” tab of the mail account).


The console will normally display more information, but I think that restarting Mail and DEVONthink may help.

well, restarting didn’t help, but using the import command from within dtpo did. i don’t know what’s wrong with the mail plugin. unfortunately i found out that you can’t directly thread conversations when you’re using apple mail to download offline copies of a gmail account. so until dtp imports gmail mailboxes, the feature seems less seducing than i thought it would be.

unfortunately (again), as i found out with the trial version, there is also a problem with scanning in leopard, which nullifies the other reason i had for upgrading to pro office. rather than wait for apple to fix this, i think i’ll stick with dtp until version 2 comes out :slight_smile: the none-office version is useful enough as it is.

anyway, thanks a lot for the help.

I’ve had an intermittent problem that’s similar, with Pro Office on Leopard 10.5.1. Attempts to import an individual message, from within Mail, can lead to the DEVON icon jumping in the dock, but no actual import. Nothing in the App. Log or History.
system.log shows:
~ Mail[1060]: DEVONMailConduit 1.2 loaded
~ DEVONthink Pro[1043]: Processed 0 mail messages from “(null)”; imported: 0, failures: 0, duplicates: 0

I had definitely selected a message in Mail. It was in a smart folder, but that has not been a problem at other times.

Non-exhaustive testing suggests it may have something to do with Spaces, even though I have Pro Office set to open in every space. I think that if I first open it in space 1 say, and then open Mail (only opens in space 2), this can cause it.

Oh, by the way, it took me a while to notice that both the Mailbox and the Message menus have “Add to DEVONthink” items, presumably for, well, Mailboxes and Messages. But this wasn’t the problem.