Problem with scanning seeming to stall

I am new to DT3 and need help with a scanning issue. I am using the current version of DT3 on my Mac with the Catalina OS. I use a ScanSnap ix500 and their app, ScanSnap Home. All apps are up to date.

When I initiate a scan from the scanner, it goes to the global Inbox in DT3. From there, I can edit the name and drag it to wherever I want to put it. So far, so good. The problem is that after a few successful scans, DT3 seems to stall. The little pane at the bottom left, under the sidebar, that shows the status is stuck on whatever scan it is working on. It will say something like:

2020_05_31_Scan Title
Saving pdf document

The little blue bar goes all the way across, but the document does not show up anywhere. I must have something setup wrong. Can some kind soul please enlighten me?

Thank you!

Is anything being documented in the log? (Menu: Window/log)

No, the Log is blank.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

I just discovered that if I click the X in the right corner where the message appears, that message closes as you would expect and the scan then appears where it is supposed to go. It seems that I shouldn’t have to do that. If you don’t do that, the scan will NEVER appear. Is that how it is supposed to work? I wouldn’t think so because when I first started this scanning project, the scan just appeared in the global Inbox where I wanted it to go.

That is, of course, not how it is supposed to work; I would recommend following Jim’s advice, and starting a bug report.

Thank you both. I will do that.


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I’ve witnessed this problem a few times. The “Save” dialog for the file to be added to DT (the “%@” window in the pic) sometimes gets obscured by other windows and it does not appear in the Window menu in DT so you have to hunt around for it.

that happens almost invariably since v3.5 in my experience; I haven’t finished looking into it - my feeling is that it is more likely to happen when scanning multiple documents rather than single ones, but I’m not sure on that yet.

Saving PDF Document stalls at end of line, still happens in version 3.8. Has this been addressed yet? It’s January 2022 and I shouldn’t have to click the X at the end of line. Is there another fix?