Problem with script


I have a problem with script.
In Devonthink 1.8 user manual on page 7 is following.

Installing the script "Save to Devonthink"(…) into ~/Library/PDF Services (…) and then printing any document directly to Devonthink as PDF.

  1. I have copied the script in a new created folder (PDF Services) in my home directory hd / user / myname / PDF Services.

  2. I don’t understand in which way I can use this script

Jochen (.de)

You can use the print command when viewing a web page or basically any other file (word, excel, jpg etc) and choose save to devonthink from the pdf menu/button at the bottom of the print sheet.

The pdf button will have an arrow on it. You can select that button and then select from a menu of options, including saving the file directly in DT as a pdf.

have fun :slight_smile:

but maybe i’m stupid.

I have open this site in safari with 10.2.6.
I make PRINT and then I see the PRINT menue with:

Preview (Vorschau)
Save as PDF (Als PDF sichern)
Cancel ? (Abbrechen)
Print (Drucken)

There is no …and choose save to devonthink from the pdf menu/button at the bottom of the print sheet…???

Jochen (.de)

have you logged out and back in (You may need to restart the machine, but I think a logout/login is all you need)?


I have logged out and logged in.

Is it sure that this directry is right??

/Users/hansjoachimklotz/Library/PDFServices/Save\ to\

Can somebody send a screenshot about his right menue?

Jochen (.de)

Make sure it’s PDF Services, with a space in it.

The About these scripts & macros file in the Scripts & Macros directory of the distribution says:

You mentioned you’re running 10.2.6; do you have an installed printer?

Hey Thanks

The solution was the missing space in PDF Services

Jochen (.de)