Problem with Search scope

I have a group named DNA in my database with several subgroups. I’d like to check to make sure all the files in this group have the tag “DNA”. (I have groups excluded from tagging, and I don’t want to tag the group and let it cascade because I would lose the tag if I move the file elsewhere.)

I search for “Tag is not DNA”, with “Search In” set to the DNA group. This search returns all the items in the database (even tags) that are not tagged “DNA”. Why is the search ignoring the scope I set and searching the entire database? Even if all the items in the DNA group are tagged DNA, shouldn’t it return an empty list?

Which version of DEVONthink do you use? A screenshot of the search settings would be great.

I have version 3.0.1. Screenshot of the search:


The search found 1781 items; the DNA group contains only 124 items.

I determined by searching for “Tag is DNA” within the group that all 124 items are in fact tagged DNA. I removed the DNA tag from a single file and reran the “Tag is not DNA” search. This returned 1782 items.

This will be fixed by the next release.