problem with sorter and OCR

I’m running DTPO 2.0.5. Everything shows that the OCR has been installed, but when I try to convert a PDF to searchable, I get an error message that says “Couldn’t find OCR resources”. If I do a Spotlight or Finder search for ABBYY I find nothing, but when I try reinstalling the addin, DTPO goes through the whole process and then tells me the file already exists. Plus the Sorter doesn’t seem to be working. help :cry:

So you did try to use Help > Install Add-Ons and checked the “ABBYY OCR Resources”? And this installation is completed successfully, yet it claims it does not find the OCR resources afterwards?

Yes, I’ve tried that more than once. It goes through the whole download, all 91MB. Then it goes through the Opening Package routine, after which it tells me: “Operation cannot be completed. File exists.” But when I try to convert a PDF to searchable, I get an error message that says “Couldn’t find OCR resources.”

Perhaps the installed copy of the OCR software was damaged or incomplete.

Suggestion: Find and remove the content of the folder named “Abbyy” at ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/. Then run Help > Install Add-ons, with the ABBYY option checked.

I tried that, and got the same error message after the download:
“Operation cannot be completed; file exists.”

P.S.: I checked, and the folder named ABBYY, in the location you gave, is now empty.

I am also having problems with a DevonThink plugin which is in the Trash: I can’t empty the Trash completely because “DevonThink CM is in use.” When I told it to continue anyway–i.e., empty the rest of the Trash–the Finder crashed instead. I now have
“DEVONthink CM.plugin 11-40-07-128.plugin”
DEVONthink CM.plugin"
and a folder called DEVONMailConduit.mailbundle
all sitting in the unemptiable Trash.

I love DT, and have been using it for some years now, so I’m hoping this is fixable. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall the whole thing, and if so, what does that do to my database?

Hello??? Help??? anyone out there??? should I contact the support team directly? I’m working on an urgent deadline trying to finish my Ph.D. dissertation and I really need to be able to use the OCR capability.

Logout/login, then Empty Trash.

Your data is preserved doing an app reinstall.

Thanks, I’ll try that. And I’m going to try reinstalling the entire application as well. Thanks for the pointers.

Thanks to the suggestion above, I have been able to empty the trash. But the reinstall did not solve the main problem. I reinstalled the application, and went through the whole process described above, with exactly the same results. Until now, everyone at DT and on the forums has always been extremely responsive to problems–and hey, I want the DTTG app as much as anybody else–but I feel like I’m not getting any help here. Perhaps my problem is inappropriate for the forums and should be addressed directly to the support ninjas (which I am about to do), but I wish someone would just say so.

I’m just getting over jet lag on return from a DEVONtech meeting in Europe.

You said that the folder named “Abbyy” at ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/ is empty, but that running Help > Install Add-ons didn’t successfully download and install the OCR software into that folder.

Try deleting the empty folder named “Abbyy”. Now choose Help > Install Add-ons. Make certain that there’s a check for the ABBYY item and run the Install Add-ons routine. Any luck?

Perhaps there had been a problem with write access to the empty 'Abbyy" folder. If you can delete it, that may have solved the issue.

If you still have a problem, check the Sharing & Permissions status (in the Info panel of the folder) for both the “DEVONthink Pro 2” folder and the “Abbyy” folder, and edit to “read & write” if necessary.

Thanks so much; sorry to be so pushy, but I was getting increasingly frustrated. When I went to do as you suggested I discovered a second folder in the same place, labeled “ABBYY OLD,” which did have contents. I deleted both of them, and reinstalled the OCR with no problems. It’s now working perfectly. Thank you again, and I hope your jet lag passes quickly :smiley: