Problem with Tagging

I’m a new user of DevonThink - I’ve imported about 3000 PDFs and completed OCR on all of this content. Now I’m going in and trying to tag some subsets of the data.

I am using the “as Split” view (as shown in the attached screenshot), and then selecting either a single document in the right pane, or occasionally selecting multiple docs. Then I click on the Tag bar at the bottom of the right pane, and enter tags.

So whats wrong? Unfortunately, everytime I enter a new tag at the bottom of the right pane, it adds that tag to EVERY document in the view, not just the document (or documents) that are selected in the right pane.

Why am I seeing this behavior? Thanks!

BTW - looks like I’m not allowed to upload a screenshot due to “board attachment quota”.

A screenshot would be helpful – many posters use and post a “direct image” link within “[img]” tags.

So, guessing at what the screenshot would show, I’m able to reproduce what I believe happens in Split view.

You’ve selected the group in the left pane, then selected two documents in the right pane, and entered a tag (“test tag”) in the tag bar. Because of the way the icon view works (in Split View and elsewhere), the tag is actually being applied to the parent (“Test”) group. Because the tag is applied to “Test” it also applies to the children of “Test” – as long as they are children of “Test”. In other words, if I moved “a” and “b” outside of “Test”, then those documents will no longer inherit the “test tag” tag.

I think what you’d really want to do is to select “a” and “b” in the left panel and tag just them. This action will not assign the tag to the “Test” group but just to those two documents. The action is, IMO, more straightforward in Three Pane view, because there the group list and the document list are in separate panels.

Thanks Korm - you correctly guessed what I was doing and identified the issues.

It seems much more logical to select items from an icon view than a list view, however, as you can actually see the items. For example, in an icon view I can see all the items that are receipts, select them all, and then apply a “Receipts” tag.

Is there a view that I’m missing from which I can select items in an icon view and then tag them?

I don’t think there is anything that does exactly what you have in mind.

Alternatives: You can apply tags to a selection of multiple items using Tools > Show Info – so long as the selected items are assigned the same set of tags. Or, you could select the desired documents (icons) and use the script at Scripts > Tags > Add Tags to Selection

I don’t have a “Tags” selection off my Script menu - I suspect I need to install some additional scripts. I installed the extras that came with the product - can you point me to the add on scripts?


Found it! Thanks…

Help > Support Assistant > Get Extras (Download Extras) > Scripts